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As an Artist, I have always consciously chosen to follow my own path instead of the establishment or commercial route. This had enabled me to stay true to my own vision and pace.  My paintings tell my story (of transformation) – which is really the story of all of us. In 2010 I started a permanent collection of my major work to anchor this story.

Dec of 2007 I opened my gallery in the peaceful village of McGregor. My vision for the gallery was to create a soul-enriching sanctuary with a strong sense of place. It was about an experience rather than a look. The gallery operated like an evolving essay with new work for sale joining the Permanent Collection in an organic way. 


The Gallery closed in May 2019. The time had come for me to re-imagine myself in my life.




McGregor, South Africa 6708



+27 83 302 5538


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