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6 Aug 2019

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1 Dec 2017

While I was painting my annual Bug-series (2017) titles kept  popping into my head, hinting at some deeper meaning. My Bug-series (since 2005) is an ode to these very small creatures and the crucial role they play in a healthy ecosystem.


 ‘Daily Bowl’



In contrast to the playful and decorative qualities of previous years the 2017 series is characterised by a deep ‘Stillness’. They seem to refer to spiritual states of being : ‘Coming out of the Woods’, ‘Emptying the Vessel’,’ Delicate Balance’, ‘Transforming’.  See the rest of the paintings below.


My personal favourites are : ‘Scattering Petals’ - when one connects with one's own joy it automatically contributes to joy in the world. And ‘Daily Bowl’ which reminds one to trust and live in the now  (reference to the Buddhist monk tradition of starting each day with an empty begging bowl, trusting that whatever food find its way into the bowl is sufficient for that day).


So it seems that the 2017 bug-series pays homage not only to the bug but also to humans who are allowing themselves to transform from the inside out, thereby contributing directly to positive change in the world. Please click on the paintings below to see each one's title.




Each painting measures 29 x 29cm (frame included). The price is R5300 each. For inquiries please contact me at  or  083 302 5538


May your 'daily bowl' be filled to the brim with love over the festive season.  With warmest regards, Edna.


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