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Dear Art lover

The pandemic locked me in my home, but it also created the opportunity to come home to myself – initiating a fertile period for re-viewing, re-connecting, re-shaping, re-routing, re-rooting, ... and numerous other re-words. I am sure you can relate to all or some of the above.

'Everyday Custodian'

For the past year and a half prior to the lockdown I had so completely disconnected from my art that I truly felt I would never paint again. To my surprise, two weeks into lockdown, I got up one morning and started painting again. These paintings obviously reflect the introspective mood unlocked by the lockdown.

See full series below

They are a continuation of my Bug-series (since 2002) – born from my passion for the very small creatures (insects). The butterfly, beautiful symbol of transformation, appears in six of the paintings. Its presence carries hope, encouragement and a reminder that life is in continual flux. Change unlocks new opportunities, new ways of being on the planet. A praying mantis in the work titled ‘ Reboot 2020’ symbolises stillness, focus and the choosing of a course of action which has in mind the welfare of all creatures.

What took me by surprise was the intensity with which these 7 paintings re-awakened in me a sense of urgency to, through my art, encourage everyday custodianship of nature. We are witnessing the dawning of a new era in which it is a matter of great urgency for every human to help conserve biodiversity.

Being an everyday custodian is not about grand gestures. It is about re-considering our everyday attitudes and actions towards the natural world. An everyday custodian remembers that a caterpillar is a butterfly in progress. And a human is not more important than a bee – every specie is a link in a very long chain.

One of my most powerful childhood memories was observing my aunt removing a worm from her home and placing it gently outside on a plant. I believe witnessing this caring gesture planted the seed of my life-long love for small creatures, especially insects.

If you have any comments or would like to buy any of the 7 paintings, or a print, please contact me at I am now selling my art online.

POR for the oil paintings (29 x 29cm framed)

POR for a print on 100% 308g cotton paper (26 x 26cm + white border, unframed)

I would love to hear from you.

Warmest regards


The Simple Custodian

Ps: Follow me on Instagram and Facebook where I will be discussing each of these paintings in more detail over the next 7 weeks


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