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Dear Art lover, after 11 years of creating sanctuary with my Permanent Art Collection in my gallery in McGregor the time has come to let the Collection go. I am looking for someone who would be interested in buying the Collection and so become its new custodian. The Collection is an investment, but even more importantly, it is a powerful tool to help bring about positive change in the world.

The PC as tool for change: The Permanent Collection (PC) consists of 11 artworks which are intimately bound together by a richly layered story line. They are therefore not for sale as individual works. (The collection can be viewed by clicking on the link at the end of the text.) They tell the story of personal transformation which is really the story of all of us. These art works are not culturally specific or about being ‘trendy’, but rather about universal and timeless truths. This makes the Collection relatable to a global audience. The core theme of self empowerment makes them relevant to the evolutionary spiritual shift we are experiencing globally. During the past 11 years I have been in the privileged position to witness the trans-formative interaction between the Collection and visitors to my gallery. The Collection inspires hope, confirmation and courage. It reminds us who we really are : spiritual beings having a human experience.

The PC as investment: Uniqueness and authenticity are two of the most sought after qualities in our modern world. Most privately owned art collections are loosely related - the works share a common theme, style or period – or are the work of a favourite artist. The Edna Fourie PC was destined to be a tightly knit collection from the start. These 11 works are intimately bound together by many synchronicities and a richly layered story line – regarding both their process and content. This creates uniqueness as a collection. The value of the Collection as a whole becomes larger than the sum of its parts.

The PC is authentic in that it documents my personal unfolding of spiritual awakening. Yet it also expresses it as a universal journey, which is the story of all of us. My life experiences seem to have prepared me for the intuitive delivery of the PC. This creates a collection which goes beyond art for art’s sake.

I see it an essential next step to document the process, content and interrelatedness of these intuitively produced works in a beautiful book. The launch and availability of such a publication would greatly add value to the PC.

As a full-time artist I am in the prime of my career. I will continue to build and expand my art portfolio.

My passion for and promotion of this Collection will continue through my website, blogs, newsletters and social media.

I would be available and honored to do collaborations with the new custodian of the PC.

Possible ideas for the future of the PC :

  • Creating/finding a permanent/semi-permanent sanctuary-like space where visitors can experience the PC.

  • And/or the PC as a travelling exhibition – exhibiting in special venues nationally/internationally.

  • Lending the PC to an established art foundation/museum to exhibit for a period of time would greatly enhance the value of the Collection.

  • The Collection could be used as an inspirational tool in workshops about self empowerment, creative writing, etc.

The new owner: I would imagine the new custodian to be a lover of art, but even more importantly, somebody who is keen to help create positive change in the world – and who would like to use the PC as a powerful tool to encourage personal empowerment/spiritual awakening. If you are interested OR you know of somebody who might be, please contact me for further details at

To view the 11 works please click on this link :

Warmest regards, Edna

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