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Feminine Essence 1 : oneness, gentleness, feeling Feminine Essence 2 : nurturing, intuition, allowing

Recently the slogan ‘The future is female’ has appeared increasingly frequent on Tshirts and in publications. The time has certainly come to celebrate the return of the feminine after so many centuries of male dominance on this planet.

Masculine Essence 1 : bounderies, action, structure Masculine Essence 2 : directive, clarity, exclusivity

However, to state that the future is female is to confuse the tempory pitstop for the actual destination, namely a dynamic and harmonious balance between the male and female essences. The process of developing and balancing these opposites has to start from within each one of us and from there work its way out into the world.

Fusion 1 Fusion 2

“ When we truly marry the opposites within ourselves the result is equal to a star being born.”

Fusion Tryptich – an earlier intuitive painting which ‘delivered’ the above caption.

Donald Trump (unbeknown to him!) is doing an excellent job of reminding us of where we never want to find ourselves again, namely in a world where the male essence dominates. It is equally important to realise that a world dominated by the female essence could be equally disruptive through lack of action, structure, bounderies and clarity.

By balancing the female and male essences we (the human species) can be visionary AND have the willpower to bring our visions to fruition.


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